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Fine arts about

The department of fine arts of nanchang normal university was founded in 1989. It is the director of education academy of fine arts in jiangxi province. It is a professional teaching unit for the cultivation of fine arts teachers and art designers in our province. Set up in 1989 adult college art education professional, set up in 1993 adult college of arts and crafts, set up in 1998 adult undergraduate course education of fine arts professional, in 1999 set up the corporation is a specialized subject of art design major, joint training with nanchang university since 2002, the ordinary undergraduate art design major. After school restructuring for the ordinary university in 2013, the first batch of art design as the independent recruit students, one of six major start facing the whole country recruit students, 2015 fine arts (normal) recruit professional declare success and facing the whole country. The graduates of art department have outstanding talents in education research, art design and other applied art fields. Many people have become experts in various fields, leaders of disciplines and technical backbone, contributing their own strength to the development of socio-economic culture. Jiangxi zhizhi literature and art has made a high evaluation of the school achievements of our department of fine arts.


The art department has 40 staff and 33 professional teachers, including 5 professors and 9 associate professors. Among the teachers, there are many experts who are entitled to special allowance, outstanding contributions, teachers of provincial colleges and universities, leaders of provincial colleges and universities, and many young and middle-aged teachers in provincial colleges and universities. The teachers pay more attention to art rule, according to their aptitude, diligently explore on scientific research, is an influential art education in our province and art groups, a number of teachers by the ministry of education and the title of 'excellent teachers' provincial department of education. Teacher works have won provincial, national prize and the national gallery, zhongnanhai, chairman MAO memorial hall and the museum collections, many graduates to become both education of fine arts and design professional backbone, there are quite a few students continue to study for a master's degree after graduation, he enrolled in art colleges. Fine arts existing Chinese painting and calligraphy institute, ceramic art studio, prints studio, photography studio, computer art rooms, graphic design studio and interior design studio, 2 professional exhibition hall.


In recent years, my department teachers guide students participated in the ministry of education higher education department 'national college students' advertising art competition', sponsored by cumulative wins the first prize, second prize, third prize 2 item 6, 14 excellence award. All kinds of provincial-level competitions won more than 100 awards, and the total scores were among the top universities in the province.

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