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The art department carries out the military training of 2017 class

Release time :2017-09-14 15:44:15

On September 14, 2017 afternoon, the party secretary of the department of the Yang Yanping, vice secretary of the league, learn GongBan Cai Yi and deputy director of the student union members, by the searing heat to school training sympathy is military training level of 17 students, and for the new students and instructors comes the cool water.


During the visit, the secretary made detailed inquiries about military training, conducted face-to-face exchanges with military training instructors, and praised the teaching officers and the students who participated in the training. She encouraged fine military training the students: to the military training as an opportunity to reinforce individual physique, discipline, strong will, to carry forward the arduous struggle the spirit, obey the command, train hard, in the upcoming military training report showing the fine arts students in the performance.


Condolences to the activities for the class of 2017 new students to the encouragement and hope that the students have said, will continue to train hard in the next few days, with full enthusiasm smoothly and successfully complete the training task, for his university life opened a good start!





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