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The art department holds a theme party day activity

Release time :2017-09-11 15:45:06

On September 11, 2017, the arts department held a theme party day activity on the fourth floor of the art building. Yang yanping, party secretary of the department of fine arts, deputy secretary of the league general branch, CAI yi, deputy director of the school, and teacher hu jia, the counselor, attended the event. More than 50 people were involved in the theme activities, including the official members of the art department, the probationary party members and the active members of the party.Fine arts


At the beginning of the activity, miss hu read out the decision that the party organization approved the probationary party members and the probationary party members. Then, CAI yi led a new party member, facing the bright red party flag, read the party oath: I volunteer to join the communist party of China, advocate the party program, abide by the constitution of the party... To express the loyalty and love of the party with a resounding oath, and the dedication and unrepentant to strive for the cause of communism. Later, Yang yanping, the secretary, stressed that in the future, party members should establish a sense of purpose to serve the people heart and soul, strictly demand themselves and play the vanguard role of party members. We must unify our thoughts, raise awareness, unite and work hard, and firmly believe in following the party. The active members of the party should be willing to play a leading role in the fight against the party organization. They should actively move toward the party organization and win the trust and support of the masses in a pragmatic and efficient manner, and strive to join the party organization at an early date.


In the end, the students said that in the future work, we must inherit the tradition of the revolutionary forefathers, and carry forward the lofty spirit of the martyrs, and always go with the party.




Fine arts
September 11, 2017 

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