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A letter to the class of 2017

Release time :2017-09-05 15:45:25

A reminder for class 2017 freshmen


Dear new students,

Congratulations you are admitted by the nanchang normal college of fine arts class of 2017 new students, warmly welcome your arrival, in you are about to open his university life, please read carefully the following relevant warm prompt:

I. security prevention:

To raise awareness of personal safety, school staff are complicated at the beginning of school. Please don't walk around alone. You need to buy some personal belongings, go with your colleagues, pay attention to traffic safety, and contact the teachers in case of emergency.

For personal financial security, please don't put any valuables, especially your wallet, cell phone and laptop, please lock the doors and Windows when you leave the dormitory.

Ii. Life tips:

Each dormitory is equipped with a straight drinking water (water direct card in each dormitory is designed.the purchase), water heaters, hot water card beside ten building dormitory student service centre to buy), basic power consumption (more than parts need to purchase, electricity card in 9 dormitory is designed.the purchase); Each dormitory is equipped with a laundry card (the laundry card is bought by the student service center of the ten schools). Summer schedule for dormitory: open 6:00, closing 23:00.

Iii. Anti-fraud reminder:

During the new report, a few social workers as students look into students' dormitory, some school staff, department leadership, in the name of the counselor, a rebirth due to all kinds of newspapers, magazines, sell all kinds of goods, the sale to buy such as water, electricity, telephone CARDS taken advantage of the fraud, please new students and parents on high alert, don't be deceived. Please pay attention to the prevention of startup and campus loan trap.

4. Please contact me if you have any problems:

1. The class teacher of the freshman class.

2. Contact number of the department of fine arts: 0791-83813603

3. The school security office contact tel: 0791-83875065

4. Contact number: 0791-83812632

Entering college, you will embark on a new journey, and a good start will be half the battle. I hope that you can help me with your help! The department of fine arts of nanchang normal university sincerely wishes the new students of 2017 a happy and all the best!


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