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The eighth jiangxi youth art works exhibition draft notice

Release time :2014-04-02 15:46:29

To promote the arts creation, cultivating young art talent, to encourage young artists in the province held more work for the 12th national arts exhibition and the 14th province fine arts, the communist youth league in jiangxi province, jiangxi province federation, provincial artists association will be held in May 2014 in the eighth youth art exhibition in jiangxi province. Specific notice is as follows:


One, the work content: the work must be two years to produce the new book.


Ii. Type of work:


Chinese painting, oil painting, engraving, sculpture, water color painting, murals, lacquer painting, pottery art, art design, continuous painting, New Year painting, propaganda painting, animation, illustration, comprehensive materials.


Iii. Selection and award:


1. The organizing committee will employ authoritative experts to select the selection. The gold and silver MEDALS and awards are awarded. Certificates and bonuses are issued.


2. The winning entries will also be recommended to the 14th provincial art exhibition and the twelfth national fair.


3. The organizer will select selected works from selected and winning entries to collect certificates and collect gold.


Iv. Delivery requirements:


1, please on April 27, 2014-30 send work, sent to the provincial federation of jiangxi artists association (address: 371 nanchang bayi avenue, zip code 330046), the recipient: lucky, Liu Libao, Jiang Zhou, Shao Ling. Contact number: 0791-86226222 (no calls at 12:00-14:30 noon).


2. Please fill in the work registration form according to the requirements, and write the author's name, age, address, postcode, common telephone, email, size, date of creation and material.


3. The fee shall be 50 yuan for each work. The unit of the collective delivery unit is unified, and the delivery is unified. The personal delivery person will be sent to the following address before the selection by the post office: the teacher of jiangxi artists association of jiangxi province, no. 371, no.371, nanchang avenue, the post code 330046.


4. Please package the pieces properly. If there is damage to the artwork due to packaging and transportation, the responsibility should be overdone. The author's name, title, size, detailed address and telephone number of the author's name, title, and the right corner of the work are to be framed.


V. exhibition time:


The first batch is from May 4 to May 9, 2014


The second batch May 12 - May 17


Exhibition venue: jiangxi wenlian art exhibition center.


Other related matters


1. After the exhibition, all other works shall be returned to the author except the collection works. The time of withdrawal will be further notice.


2. The organizer has the right to exhibit, study, photograph, publish and publicize the works.


Every two years, the youth art exhibition of the province has become a brand fair in jiangxi province. It has played an important role in promoting the creation, excavation and training of young art talents. Hope around the society and the related institutions launched extensively, surrounding the reflection of realizing the great revival of the Chinese nation the Chinese dream and the rise of the development of upgrading, well-off faster, green, pragmatic xing gan theme, actively organize the creation, the extra work. To reflect in the work competently, Chinese yingjie and YingMo characters in realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation in the dream, struggle and bear, especially in modern China, modern, contemporary youth's thought and growth, the responsibility and bear. The communist party committee, jiangxi wenlian, and the association will award prizes to the winning works and publish a collection of paintings. It will also be reported on the official website of the communist party committee, the provincial federation of arts and culture, the official website of the provincial beauty association and jiangxi fine arts.


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March 28, 2014

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