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To commemorate the 110th anniversary of comrade deng xiaoping's birth, the national edition of the exhibition of the collection of manuscripts

Release time :2014-04-02 15:46:46

2014 is the 110th anniversary of comrade deng xiaoping, the country will host a variety of honor and propaganda activities, memory of comrade deng xiaoping for national independence and liberation, national prosperity and people's happiness to establish immortal feats, further promote his struggling in the causes of the party and the people of lofty ideas and style, to further inspire the Chinese people of all ethnic groups in the party to the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics forward. According to the approval of the third editorial office of the CPC central committee, the national version of the 110th anniversary of the birth of deng xiaoping will be held. The relevant issues of this exhibition are as follows:


I. exhibition title:


Deng xiaoping - deng xiaoping's 110th birthday national exhibition


Ii. Exhibition time and location


August 2014, Beijing, shenzhen, Shanghai, chengdu, chongqing


3. Host organization


Art committee of Chinese artists association


China national academy of engraving academy


The third research department of the CPC central literature research office


The party committee of the communist party of China and the municipal people's government


Chongqing qijiang district committee, district people's government


Iv. Contractors


Chongqing artists association


Sichuan artists association


Deng xiaoping's home office


Chongqing propaganda and cultural development foundation


Qijiang farmer engraving yard


V. organization


(I) organizing committee


Director: wu changjiang longping wang yue wang yue


Deputy director: ginger lu guang jun jiang shu-ping a dove xu liang


Tang xiongxing zhang tai chun


Committee member: wang hongxing, deng Lin, power, liu jian, sun ping, wu bang, zhang jie, luo qixiong, xian yi, children's brightness


Secretary general: zhong yuanping


Deputy secretary general: qian qi Chen a year Chen Yang li perseverance GUI huanyong


Office director: guihuanyong (and)


(2) creation committee


Director: power


Deputy director of the; Sui himself is more political


Member: bonorapl.influence Yu Chengyou, Wang Jianshan Kong Guoqiao, Deng Lin, kang lee, lee popular, zhang Ming, chrisma, guang-hui zhang, min-jie zhang, Chen, Mr. Fan, Luo Guirong, Wu Haicheng, hughs, Zheng Zuoliang, Xu Baozhong, Yuan Qinglu, Huang Zuolin, Cheng Zhaoxing, LeiWuWu, corning, Kang Jianfei, qi, make the rain peak, Wei Qian


Secretary-general: li perseverance, guihuanyong


(3) selection committee


The Chinese academy of engraving arts committee and the national engraving institute hired experts


Vi. Requirements of works


1. 110 pieces of the exhibition.


2. For the author of the creation, please refer to the content of the creative outline of the 110th anniversary of deng xiaoping's birthday, which is authorized by the third division of the central literature research office.


3. Creation time: September 2012 to December 2013.


4. Engravings: woodblock prints, copper engravings, lithographs, screen prints, and comprehensive engravings


5. The size of the work is not limited.


6. Participate in creating the author creating sketches first photographed or scanned into electronic files sent to the committee, the writing committee selection finalists received a phone call or SMS notification, the second stage of creation, creation sketch time: for the first time, on December 31, 2012. The second time, March 31, 2013. The original works will be sent to the creative committee by December 31, 2013. No further notice shall be given for the draft of the draft. The relevant materials will not be returned, and all the final entries will be returned.


Vii. Treatment of works


1. The selected works shall be collected by the people's government of qijiang district for RMB five thousand yuan (in lower case: 5000 yuan after tax).


2. The exhibition will have 50 excellent works and a bonus of RMB seven thousand yuan (in lowercase: 7000 yuan after tax). The bonus will be paid by the qijiang people's government, and the bonus will not include collection fees.


3. Awards and selected works will be issued by the organizer with the certificate of award and the certificate of inclusion, and two copies of the album.


The rights and obligations of the organizer and author


1. All works are selected for the exhibition. Each works needs to be submitted two pieces. One is donated to guang 'an deng xiaoping's home office for permanent exhibition collection. Another donation is for the permanent exhibition collection of deng xiaoping's printmaking art museum, an international engraving village of gujian shan, qijiang district.


2. The organizer shall have the right to exhibit, study, photograph, video, publish and publicize the selected works, and shall not pay remuneration separately.


3. The author, who participates in the creation, is deemed to have recognized and voluntarily complied with the provisions of the copyright and creative requirements of this activity.


9. The office of the organizing committee and the office of the creation committee of the national exhibition organizing committee of the 110th anniversary of the birth of comrade deng xiaoping, located in qijiang farmers' engraving yard in chongqing municipality.


Contact address: chongqing qijiang farmers' engraving house (wenlong street engraving square, qijiang district, chongqing)


Zip: 401420


Contact number: 023-48617436023-48678133


The transmission is true: 023-48617435023-48678135




Guihuanyong (mobile phone: 15310153001 office: 023-48678132)


Wang jing (mobile phone: 13594627046 QQ: 287355008)


Zhou dandan (mobile phone: 13996255810 QQ: 407383308)

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